METIS: AI Engine

Metis is an advanced AI engine, for real time data analysis and system monitoring. Centrally coordinated and trained, on local or cloud infrastructure, the AI can then be deployed as a distributed network of embedded machine monitoring systems (e.g. Smartphones, IoT devices). This allows for highly customized AI solutions, such as unique models for each individual user of a system or for each industrial machine in a plant.

KALI: Web-based Toolkit

Singulariti has developed a web-based system, Kali, to assist in training its AI Engine by providing tools for labelling accumulated data (e.g. critical/warning events) by domain experts (e.g. engineers, technicians). As more experts interact with the system the AI Engine learns the combined collective intelligence over time, and this smarter AI is then redeployed to all embedded devices.


MOBILITI: Developer Toolkit

The Mobiliti developer framework allows software engineers to create distributed AI applications for embedded/smart devices.

CASIMIR: Distributed Infrastructure

The technological back-end to all of Singulariti’s products is Casimir. Its core components are:

  • Hybrid cloud/local/device architecture.
  • Distributed database and file management system
  • Service orchestration framework.
  • Authentication and Securtiy service.
  • AI preprocessing and training service.


Casimir is built upon a distributive network of nodes that can be rapidly scaled and reconfigured as demand changes. This technology for allows flexible data management solutions to spread across multiple systems and locations for simultaneous users with controlled security and credentials.