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Singulariti’s OSCILLOT Vibration Monitoring System provides accurate real-time detection of critical events in industrial machinery, delivered via a minimal hardware presence. Effective monitoring of machinery is vital within the industrial sector but is hindered by continuous operation, hazardous environments, undiagnosed faults, high cost and disrupted productivity.


The Oscillot system has been designed with this in mind, and has a track record of successful deployment in the mining sector. With minimal downtime required for installation, Oscillot is delivering valuable insight into machine performance to on-site process control teams.


The vibration sensors used in Oscillot system sample up to 10KHz, providing up to 3GB of data per sensor each day. With this level of sensitivity, very subtle patterns in the vibration signal can be learned by an Artificial Intelligence Model.


Because of the simple design, Oscillot can be installed entirely by on-site instrumentation teams. This presents high value as specialised external teams are no longer required.

Key Advantages:

  • Easy to install and maintain by on-site teams
  • Reliable, accurate, real-time detection of critical events
  • Low upfront cost.
  • License model based on performance
  • Highly scalable


  • Up to 24-sensor inputs per edge unit.
  • Ease of installation; installed by on-site technical staff, not requiring specialised teams to be flown out to site
  • Allows for easy maintenance and replacement of existing equipment
  • Ensures a high level of data integrity, as the client has complete control of the data flow

For More information please download the Oscillot Product Brochure.

Singulariti Oscillot Product Brochure

CASIMIR: Distributed Infrastructure

The technological back-end to all of Singulariti’s products is Casimir. Its core components are:

  • Hybrid cloud/local/device architecture.
  • Distributed database and file management system
  • Service orchestration framework.
  • Authentication and Securtiy service.
  • AI preprocessing and training service.


Casimir utilises a distributed network of processing nodes that can be rapidly scaled and reconfigured as workload requirements change. This technology allows for flexible deployments that can monitor multiple devices using an array of different sensor technologies, while ensuring the highest-levels of data integrity and and security.