Razali Mohamad
Chief Executive Officer

A background in software development and mechatronics, extensive experience in applied AI and sensor systems, and management experience from being at the helm of several start-ups. Post-graduate studies in Mechatronics Engineering. Co-Founder of Singulariti and associated company Alerte Digital Health.

Dr. Ryan Mickler
Chief Technology Officer
Over 10 years of experience in software engineering, machine learning, and full stack DevOps while working at start-ups and enterprise scale companies. PhD in Mathematics. Co-Founder of Singulariti.


Lyle Talbot
Product Engineer

A background in applied machine learning in cardiology and research and development of conditional monitoring systems in the mining sector. Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

Edward Bordin
Senior AI Engineer

A data science specialist with experience in safety-critical software and systems engineering in the Defence sector. Masters in Mechatronics Engineering.

Matthew Young
Senior Product Engineer

A DevSec specialist with experience in software, mobile and embedded systems engineering, cryptography, reverse engineering and vulnerability research. Master in Mechatronics Engineering.

Lauren Matrka
Visual Design Lead

With a background in Architecture, Lauren applies a multi-disciplinary approach to her design work, which includes identity design, illustration, packaging, and installation design.