Razali Mohamad
Chief Executive Officer

A background in software development and mechatronics, extensive experience in applied AI and sensor systems, and management experience from being at the helm of several start-ups. Post-graduate studies in Mechatronics Engineering. Co-Founder of Singulariti and associated company Alerte Digital Health.

Ryan Mickler
Chief Technology Officer

Over 10 years of experience in software engineering, machine learning, and full stack DevOps while working at start-ups and enterprise scale companies. Post-graduate degrees in Mathematical Physics. Co-Founder of Singulariti.

Tony Fitzgerald
Executive Chair

Graduate in law, arts and post-graduate qualifications in public finance with over 20 years of experience in the life sciences sector. Currently a director and major shareholder in cancer immunology company Selvax. Co-Founder of Singulariti and associated company Alerte Digital Health.


Lauren Matrka
Design Lead

With a background in Architecture, Lauren applies a multi-disciplinary approach to her design work, which includes identity design, illustration, packaging, and installation design.

Charles Brown
Business Development Lead

Charles has spent a decade working in the risk management and business intelligence industry. His experience includes both large corporate and boutique consultancies where he has developed, designed and delivered bespoke solutions for clients drawn from a wide range of sectors including financial services, mining and energy, legal, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals.