Use Cases

Mining and Resources

Minesites require the continuous monitoring and predicting of the states of various machines to predict breakdown and failure, and to provide more optimal process flow. Key outcomes of our technology are:

  • Monitoring of process equipment with embedded sensors i.e. Vibration, power, sound sensors that can stream information to a smart device
  • AI Engine is deployed on the smart device which gathers sensor data from machinery allowing for real time AI monitoring of mechanical events
  • The smart device has a distributed database that automatically synchronises to the cloud or a local server
  • A web platform which can review collected data and introduce additional data by engineers and technicians that feeds back in to the AI periodically allowing the AI to evolve and become smarter over time. This optimized AI is then redeployed to the smart devices via device updates allowing for more sophisticated monitoring

Health Care

Access to very large data sets allows analytical systems to be trained to recognise specific events, patterns, clusters, or trends. This is particularly relevant in the healthcare space and sports analytics and development of health and injury early warning systems. Currently, Singulariti’s infrastructure supports the applications of Alerte Digital Sports (AlerteDS) and Alerte Digital Health (AlerteDH).


This is a partnership with Alerte Digital Health and Alerte Echo IQ

Digital Sports

AlerteDS has a web application that allows coaches and athletes of professional sporting teams to upload their training data along with their injuries. The AI has been trained to recognise soft tissue injuries in training patterns. AlerteDS’s web application allows for a coach or athlete to enter in future training plans where the system will assess the likelihood of injury given that training plan in to the future. This web application, its data management system and integrated AI framework is all hosted on Singulariti’s services and infrastructure.


This is a partnership with Alerte Digital Sport

Cardiac and Sleep Monitoring

AlerteDH has a powerful mobile health platform that can monitor consumers and/or patients in real time with AI without the need for consistent internet connection. AlerteDH has two significant applications, in detection of cardiac arrhythmias (via ECG) and monitoring of sleep disorders. In the case of ECG, the AI is able to recognise different types of arrhythmias as ECG data is streamed in from a device in real time. The sleep application allows for the detection of sleep apnoea and respiratory conditions. Each application utilises the Singulariti framework and infrastructure.


This is a partnership with Alerte Digital Health